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Printershelp Supplies Warranty

Printershelp warrants each product to be free of defect in both materials and workmanship for a minimum period of 90 days (or More) from the date of purchase. 

Defective cartridges  must be returned to Printershelp or to our suppliers for inspection


WPP Warranty : All cartridges carry a 12 month warranty from date of shipment. We do ship (in most cases) direct from the manufacturer so they do know who you are and when you received the products

Printershelp products have been manufactured under stringent quality control standards, assuring performance that equals or exceeds that of the original equipment

Printershelp also warrants that, subject to the conditions below and under normal use (including operation of equipment within specifications) our consumables will not cause damage, abnormal wear, or deterioration of any compatible equipment. If a defect in a Printershelp consumable causes equipment to fail, Printershelp will reimburse our customer for the full amount for all service and repair of the equipment. The warranty is dependent upon the customer providing us with 100% satisfactory evidence that the equipment failure was due to a defect in the Printershelp consumable, including and not limited to a written statement by the authorized service representative, and return to Printershelp the replaced parts.Printershelp retains the right to choose the servicing company at our discretion. The customer must also provide proof of regular and scheduled maintenance records on all equipment at their location. Such maintenace must be done by an authorized company dealer/service center only. (Printershelp reserves the right to cap each incidence to a maximum of 100$ for repairs or replacement of the product that was purchased.)

Refunds for customer disatisfaction will be given within 30 days of shipping only. All TRUE shipping costs will be deducted from the refund. In the case of a toner cartridge, empty or almost empty cartridges will not qualify for re-imbursement. The cartridges will be inspected and weighed to ensure that they are full. Should the cartridge prove to be defective through customer negligence (Example: paper clips or staples scratching the drum, or white out etc..) , then the cartridge will not be replaced and a refund will not be offered. Printershelp reserves the right to repair such cartridges and reship them back once repaired. Most cases will be dealt with on a case by case method due to the rare incidence of such problems. (A credit card will be mandatory during such proceedings.)

Printershelp liability hereunder shall be limited to replacement or reimbursement as provided above. This warranty exclusive, and in lieu of all other warranties, express of implied, including warranties of merchantability fitness for a particular purpose